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Public Records Request

The City Clerk, or her designee, shall furnish copies and/or certified copies of records upon payment of certain fees provided by Florida Statute Section 119.07.  Fees: 15 cents per single page and 20 cents for double sided page of not more than 8 1/2″ x 14″ of the public record. Certified copies are $1 per document or page. If the nature or volume of public records requested to be inspected or copied is such as to require extensive use of information technology resources or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance by personnel of the agency involved, or both, the agency may charge, in addition to the actual cost of duplication, a special service charge, which shall be reasonable and shall be based on the cost incurred for such extensive use of information technology resources or the labor cost of the personnel providing the service that is actually incurred by the agency or attributable to the agency for the clerical and supervisory assistance required, or both.

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